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Terms & Conditions

Alcohol Service: Party Services will adhere to all venue liquor policies including, but not limited to, ability to serve shots, maximum bar hours, last call and bar closing. All alcohol from the bar must be served by Party Service’s bartenders.  Alcohol served away from the bar (i.e. passed champagne toast and wine table service) must be served by either Party Service’s bartenders or a professional caterer’s waitstaff. Under no circumstances may alcohol be self-served or open bottles left outside the bar.  Alcohol will not be permitted in getting ready rooms prior to the event unless special arrangements are made with Party Services and approved by venue.


Legal Service: Party Services will not serve alcohol to minors or visibly intoxicated persons. Any guest appearing to be under 35-40 years of age will be asked for identification prior to alcohol service. A minimum of one bartender is required to remain behind the bar at all times. Party Services reserves the right to close the bar and, if needed, call for police assistance if guests exhibit unruly behavior, disrespect for the staff, venue rules, or violate the law in any way. 


Authorized Alcohol: All alcohol must be purchased from Party Liquor unless previously arranged by Party Services and noted in the client’s contract/invoice, a nominal added per person fee may apply.  (i.e. home-brewed beer, gifted liquor, etc.) Under no circumstances will any unapproved/unauthorized alcohol be served and will be confiscated by Party Service bartenders and only returned to a sober guest at the end of the event or may be later picked up at Party Service’s office.  Party Services encourages clients to make their guests aware of these policies and discourage them from bringing their own liquor.


Insurance: Party Services holds 1 million in liquor liability coverage and strongly recommends clients carry additional Wedding/Event Insurance (such as WedSafe) and to specifically include the additional liquor liability coverage to protect you personally.  


Tip Jars: Party Services’ standard policy is to display a small tip jar on the bar during the event to later be distributed between bartenders. If clients wish to forgo a tip jar, Party Services must be notified in advance.  If tip jars are not going to be used, Party Services can add an additional gratuity to your final invoice which will be paid directly to the bartenders.


Rentals: For an additional charge, glassware and other rental items are available for rent from Party Services. Broken/missing glassware will be charged to the client at the rate of $5 per glass, other damaged or missing items will be charged at their replacement cost. Unless otherwise noted, all non-alcoholic beverages will be served in disposable cups.


Set-Up: As a general rule, Party Service will setup one bar per 150 guests, however, this may vary based on the venue and room layout. A fee may be added for additional bar setups (i.e. outside satellite bars, martini bars, etc.) When using Party Liquor glassware, Party Liquor staff will preset water and champagne flutes on the tables for seating. It's the responsibility of the catering staff to fill the water glasses before guests are seated.


Overtime: Party Services allows the option to extend bar service the day of the event but reserves the right to deny the request if the bartender(s) feel it inappropriate based on guest behaviors. If the bar service time is extended, alcohol substitutions may apply and unlimited availability of brands may not be possible. Extension prices will be noted and agreed upon on Party Services’ service invoice prior to the event, and will be charged based on original final guest count given prior to the event.


End of the event: All leftover alcohol and other products will be removed by Party Services’ bartenders immediately after the event. A la carte purchased items will be the only exception and will be given to the client or previously designated person.  The clearing of glassware and/or disposable cups, napkins, etc. provided by Party Services will be the responsibility of a professional caterer’s waitstaff. If caterer’s waitstaff will not be used, the client must hire additional staff through Party Services to complete these duties.  Party Services’ bartenders will be responsible for cleaning up the bar area, taking out bar trash/recycling and all rentals item provided by Party Services after they are cleared from guest tables.


Product Substitutions: Party Liquor relies on many years of experience to estimate consumption, however, in the event a product runs out, substitutions of an equal or greater value product will be made prior to or during the event with no change to client’s prices. On occasion, products may be out of stock from required distributors so purchase is impossible. It is therefore suggested clients make their liquor selections as far in advance as possible to avoid possible substitutions.

ACH payments are our preferred and default method of payment.  A $10 processing fee will be added to all ACH payments.  Paying via cash or check will not incur any processing fees.  All cash and check payments must be received at least two Wednesdays before the event date.  If a check is returned for any reason, including bounced checks, a $50 fee will be applied to your balance for each returned check.  A 3% processing fee will be added to all debit and credit card payments.  Your Party Liquor representative will need to change the invoice to allow for credit card payments so if this is your preference please let them know.  Any processing fees will be applied to both the liquor and the service invoices (see "Quotes and Final Invoices" above).  These processing fees will be applied to the total balance including tax.

Due Dates & Payments: 4 Weeks out: Bar Package and alcohol brand selections are due. Brand substitutions may apply if changes are made after this 4 week due date. 

2 Weeks out: Finial adult guest count is due. Adult guest count must include ALL adults, 21 years of age or older, regardless of their drinking habits. Guest counts may be increased but not decreased and alcohol substitutions may apply if changes are made after this 2 week due date. 

1 Week out: Final payment is due. Per Colorado state law, alcohol services may not be rendered if payment is not received prior to event date. If payment is not received by this 1 week due date, a 10% late fee will be applied to any unpaid balance and the full invoice including late fees must be paid prior to event date in order for alcohol services to be rendered.

Model Release: The above named client grants Party Liquor and Party Services the unrestricted right to use and publish photos and/or videos of the client’s event for advertising, promotion or other purposes without compensation or liability. It is the responsibility of the client to advise all participants and/or attendees that the event will be photographed and/or videotaped. All parties attending the event will be considered as consenting to be included in the final promotional materials. 

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