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Party Liquor Agreement

This is an agreement between the above-named client and Party Liquor Inc for the sale of all alcohol products and between Party Services Ltd for the sale of non-alcohol products, rentals, and bartending services.

Deposit: The above client agrees to pay Party Services Ltd a $200 non-refundable deposit to secure the current price quote and reserve services for the above event date if not received from venue. This deposit will be applied to the final Party Services invoice. 

Changes to event date: If the event date is changed to a new date that falls within 12 months of the original date, the deposit will be transferred to the new agreement and the original prices will still apply.  If the event date is changed to a new date that is more than 12 months from the original date, the deposit will be transferred BUT any NEW prices will apply. 

Cancellations: If the event is canceled the entire deposit is non-refundable.   Any payments made beyond the $200 deposit will be refunded if the event is canceled 2 weeks prior to the event date. Any non-house selections already purchased by Party Liquor will need to be paid in full, regardless of cancellation of event.

Covid-19 Exception: All deposits will be transferred or refunded if the event date has to be changed or canceled due to Covid-19 restrictions resulting in the event being impossible to proceed on the original date due to a stay at home order from the state of Colorado.  

Quotes and Final Invoices: For simplicity during client’s planning and for quoting purposes, clients will receive ONE invoice/quote showing a list of all alcoholic and non alcoholic products, rentals as well as bartending services.  However, a few weeks prior to the event and to comply with state liquor laws, the client will receive the FINAL invoice split between TWO SEPARATE INVOICES that equal the final combined invoice/quote.  One invoice from Party Liquor Inc. (who holds the liquor license) for all alcoholic products, and the other from Party Services Ltd. for all nonalcoholic products, rentals, and bartending services.  

Final Invoices and Service Details: Once the client’s final guest count is received prior to the event date, Party Liquor/Services will email the final invoices and a detailed information form regarding service policies, procedures, and final invoices.  This form will need to be signed and returned along with proof of age verification no later than one week prior to event date in order for Party Liquor/Services to legally deliver alcohol and preform bartending services. 

Payments: Clients may make payments prior to the due date as desired.  If payment(s) made are in excess of the final balance, the amount overpaid will be refunded to the client between 7-14 days after the event date and based on the final invoice (including possible overtime, additional gratuities offered, etc.)  Refunds will be made by check and mailed via USPS to the name and address on the invoice.  

ACH payments are our preferred and default method of payment.  A $10 processing fee will be added to all ACH payments.  Paying via cash or check will not incur any processing fees.  All cash and check payments must be received at least two Wednesdays before the event date.  If a check is returned for any reason, including bounced checks, a $50 fee will be applied to your balance for each returned check.  A 3% processing fee will be added to all debit and credit card payments.  Your Party Liquor representative will need to change the invoice to allow for credit card payments so if this is your preference please let them know.  Any processing fees will be applied to both the liquor and the service invoices (see "Quotes and Final Invoices" above).  These processing fees will be applied to the total balance including tax.

Due Dates & Payments: 

4 Weeks out: Bar Package and alcohol brand selections are due. Brand substitutions may apply if changes are made after this 4 week due date. Non-House selections are due at this time and cannot be changed after the 4 week due date. 

2 Weeks out: Final adult guest count is due. Adult guest count must include ALL adults, 21 years of age or older, regardless of their drinking habits. Guest counts may be increased but not decreased and alcohol substitutions may apply if changes are made after this 2 week due date. 

2 Wednesdays out: Final payment, signed final agreement/invoice and age verification are due. Per Colorado state law, alcohol services may not be rendered if payment and age verification is not received prior to event date. If payment is not received by  2 Wednesday's before the event date, a 10% late fee will be applied to any unpaid balance and the full invoice including late fees must be paid prior to event date in order for alcohol services to be rendered.

Thanks for submitting!

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